Stress is almost like a shadow, following the individual wherever they go. Stress has become inescapable nowadays, hence it is important for our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing to “Stand up against stress” This program is designed to inculcate proven stress management techniques for all kinds of individuals. The techniques would incorporate easy to do behavioral as well as cognitive therapeutic methodologies that do not need a large amount of time to perform but do have significant results.


The organization would benefit from this program in the following ways:

1. Having greater productivity from employees
2. Less employee absenteeism from burnout
3. Less conflicts in the workplace
4. Greater employee satisfaction
5. Creating an emotionally healthy work force who would have sharp decision making skills

The individual would benefit from this program in the following manner:

1. A healthier personal and professional life style
2. Being able to confidently handle overwhelming workload
3. Avoiding destructive responses to stress
4. Making stress work for you in a positive manner


- Understanding Stress and its causes: Before managing stress, it is very essential to understand the very nature of it as well as the triggers that give rise to it.

- Stress at workplace in positive and negative aspects: Stress obviously has negative consequences but surprisingly to some, stress also has a positive impact on our productivity as well.

- Stress Management Techniques: Managing stress effectively is a key component in making sure that your productivity is not hampered

- Coping techniques that focus on individuals and organizations: Individuals tend to adopt maladaptive as well as adaptive coping responses to stress which are largely emotional or task oriented in nature.

- Strategies to prevent stress and burnout: Stress can cause emotional burnout, thus it is essential to make sure that emotions are effectively managed and triggers that causes stress are neutralized.