- Introduction to Effective Selling Techniques: Selling is an art that follows basic principles, knowing these fundamental guidelines will set the individual on a fast lane to effectively profit of their products.

- Development of Unique Selling Point (USP): Having a unique selling point gives your product the competitive edge in the market and increases the chance of closing the deal.

- Generating Customer Experience: Customer Service might be the focus for most who would want to retain their customer but Customer Experience goes one step further.

- Generating Prospects after Sales: Being able to attain future prospects after the sale is essential to keep the doors of profit open and your business thriving.

- Closing Sales Effectively: Time and energy could be wasted on a customer if the sale is not closed, learning strategies to close sales that increases your chances of success should certainly be in your arsenal.

- Dealing with Different Customers: Customers like products come in all forms and dealing with customers who are difficult to handle requires one to be tactful especially when the focus is on closing the deal.