1. Different Anxiety Disorders: Exploring different anxiety disorders will not only make it clear to what we actually call anxiety disorders but also allow us to know the scientific criteria to qualify as a disorder.

2. Managing physical symptoms: Bodily changes and symptoms are common in anxiety, learning to manage these symptoms is crucial for anyone wanting to gain control of their anxiety.

3. Managing thoughts that cause anxiety: Pesky catastrophic thoughts also play their role in anxiety. Using psychological intervention, managing your thoughts will allow you to experience things as they are in their true essence.

4. Setting up a support network: People generally avoid discussing that they might suffer from a disorder due to stigmatization. Support network made up individuals who suffer from the disorders would allow one to open up easily and share their experiences and care for one another.

5. Exploring other interventions: One size does not fit all. Anxiety can be tackled in many ways. Exploring other interventions will add options to your arsenal to counter anxiety which increases the odds in your favor.