What makes us the best

Training and Consultancy Services (T&Cs) is an organization that serves the vision to promote the human capital of Pakistan with effective training and development process.

We provide both learning as well as experience that individuals and organizations favor for their personal interest, development and fulfillment. In each and every ladder of life, individuals need to be educated to perform effectively.

Training does not only serve as a necessity in increasing the productivity of individuals but also as a weapon for each individual to understand their dormant potential. Trainers and speakers use their skills in delivering the maximum benefits to individuals and emerge as better persons using Training and Consultancy as their preferred platform.

Our Services

Learning and Facilitation

Leadership cultivation, cementing communications, in-depth and up to date analysis and superior service skills enhancing facilitation.

Consulting and Module Generation

Providing need analysis, streamlining performance, designing learning modules, stabilizing management and data generating surveys along with 360 degrees feedback.

Events & Programs

All under one roof networking events, event and program management initiatives, personal promotion and associations.

Media Presence and Communication

Online learning series, interactive and engaging interviews and tailor made employer branding.