If your pile of certificates is still not enough to quench your thirst, if you still hunger for fun, if you think the last year’s lunch has tasted off and you need more chilies, then you’re about to get blown away with yet another season of U TURN. The program returns with more career guidance, panel discussions, fun filled activities to boost up your learning and offers another great year overflowing with a lot more. The prior season of this program succeeded greatly magnetizing more than 350 participants.
Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Career shares a great part of this creation because it’s more than just income. It makes a big part of who we are. But the best part is even here Training and Consultancy Services step up giving striving people a golden chance to dive in their professional career. T&CS provides you with the best human resources who have already reached the top of their game to guide you giving you the lesson to stop waiting for things to happen but to go out there and make them happen.