1. Understanding the nature of time: Most of us take time for granted as a resource that can be afforded to be exhausted here and there. We live in an illusion of having just enough time when in reality we only have a handful of years in our lives in which we can actually make a positive impact. Knowing the actual nature of time will get the sense of urgency going.

2. Effective goal setting and planning: Without a goal, you cannot score and without a plan, you might just end up as a part of others’ plan. Knowing how to effectively set a goal and making solid plans is the foundation of productivity.

3. Managing stress: Deadlines can cause a tremendous amount of stress on a person which can at times, paralyze the person making them unable to do anything due to the sheer overwhelming and constant pressure. Effectively coping up with stress with not only save your health but will make sure you do not waste valuable minutes breaking down.

4. Time storing and sharing: Time like currency is a resource and like money it could be stored and shared if you just know the right way on how to do it.

5. Productivity tracking: Seeing your performance and productivity is a sure way to know that you are headed in the right direction. A few concepts and the will to spend 5 minutes per day can give you a better picture of how your day went and what do you need to change up.