Ansar Burney

Human and Civil Rights Activist

“As an activist, I am moved by the ambition that T&Cs is pursuing and accomplishing to develop not only the corporate but the youth of today that so desperately needs guidance. While growing up, I would only wish that organizations such as T&Cs were around to provide the platform that it is providing the youth today.”

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi

Artist, Designer, Photographer

“The service industries needs standard bearers that represents Pakistan in a globally contested market and T&Cs is just that. I am not only impressed by their quality of work but also their motive to make Pakistani corporations into exemplary organizations as well. I was overjoyed when I came in contact with T&Cs and their services”

Iqrar ul Hasan

Presenter and Journalist –ARY

“It has always been a pleasure if I were to talk about T&Cs. Their motive and work ethic towards not only fulfilling the needs of their client but going an extra mile to facilitate individuals has always been the highlight of their service. In times were service is rarely means sincerity, T&Cs is one of those organizations where service not only means sincerity but care for their clients and passion for their work as well.

Waseem Badami

Journalist – ARY

“As a Pakistani, I am pleased that T&Cs is one of those organizations that is solely dedicated to empowering our generation as well as cultivating leaders in our corporate world that would be able to compete in the global market. They truly understand the needs of the individual and make sure they deliver it with excellence”.