1. Adopting interactive activities using technology: Teaching is an art and keeping a student engaged throughout the lesson is a challenge on its own. However thanks to technology, coming up with engaging activities to inculcate learning concepts and keeping them engaged has never been easier.

2. Effective use of social media: Social media, ever since its introduction has taken the world by storm and vast majority of businesses have become digitized. However, social media being a double edged sword, it can also have detrimental consequences if not used correctly. It is the responsibility of the teacher to demonstrate practically the effective use of social media through the use of technology in forming professional network as well sharing a valuable idea effectively.

3. Google hangouts: As the world is a global village, it is very important to be multi-culturally literate and therefore interacting with students and teachers in other parts of the world is essential. Google hangouts can be used to directly link local students and teachers with their global counterpart to exchange ideas and knowledge.

4. Creating multidimensional lesson plans: Technology has allowed flexibility in forming lesson plans that were once restricted. Incorporating them into the classroom will not only broaden the concepts of the students but further update the teachers’ own knowledge and its practical application in the rapidly progressive world today.

5. Introducing the concept of Genius Hour: Google reports that students should be given an hour to research on the subject what they want to learn about not what the teacher wants them to learn. Self-education is stressed upon in the modern education community. Genius hour caters just that.

6. Virtual Reality Tours: Teacher can now use virtual tours of historical places, amazing geographical phenomenon and even museums to further strengthen the child’s learning.