Director & Consultant

“Live for yourself and you have helped just one life, live or others and you have changed countless of lives and the generations that come after it – That is my personal motto. I strive for excellence and settle for nothing less! Personal betterment is an obsession and improvement is a lifestyle that I devoutly practice”.


Director & Consultant

“My name is Hira and I believe in being unique! Everything I do should be unique, my work, my style, my existence should be unique and I will not settle for anything less! People say diversity adds beauty and by being diverse I contribute to that by being myself. What you see is what you get and what you get is not at all ordinary or average”.


Director & Consultant

“I believe that despite every technological piece of hardware you throw at me, despite any musical instrument you ask me to play, despite any software you tell me to run, the human being is and always will be the best creation of nature technically and creatively. All we need to do is believe we are and everything else will fall into place!”


Head Programs

“Trainings, running my own business or writing my articles, I make sure that everything I do is of some value. If not, I don’t do it. I want my existence therefore be of some value to mankind and the best thing I can leave behind to speak of my legacy in this world is knowledge. Call me a walking library or a human google, you have a question, I have the answers. Try me!”


Project Manager

“Having brought up in Japan allows me to have a unique perspective regarding life and my expertise in psychology adds another layer of excitement to it. I want to touch and serve as many lives as I can in my quest for transcendence. My favorite part of trainings is when I see the awe of disbelief when they see a Japanese speak Urdu ever so cleanly!!”


Relationship Manager

“Humanity’s greatest achievement is the service we provide for others, that’s something that I live by! Unfortunately we have started to use our greatest achievement as our greatest source of disgrace and I make it my personal mission to change that because Gandhi once said to be the change you want to see in the world!”


Marketing Coordinator

“If you do not get talked about in the foulest of languages, do not be happy!! Because you do not exist at all for them in that case!! Getting noticed is my specialty and getting the right kind of attention is my drive! The Japanese say that the nail that sticks out gets hammered but I say the squeaky wheel gets the oil”.


Graphic Designer

“My name is Rizwan and apart from being a passionate individual, I look for, search for and seek for deep enlightening discussions! I have a lust for knowledge, I pray my thirst for knowledge is never quenched! I want to keep on learning, I want to keep on growing so that I can keep on living!’