Psychological Trainer


I believe that you are the best at being yourself, no other person comes close to that. No one is going to live your purpose better than you so live it with no regrets. I am a humanistic in my approach. I believe can and should self-actualize but only if you know yourself and accept yourself. The journey of personal development is an ongoing process and my job is to take as many with me as I can and enjoy every step of the way!


Being a psychologist by profession I have counselled hundreds of individuals both in Pakistan and abroad. Using therapeutic methods along with practical application and knowledge, I use a diverse arsenal in my trainings which includes individuals from corporate, educational and non- profit sectors! My Japanese cultural heritage gives me a unique perspective in my training, sometimes considered revolutionary. I have been involved in conducting trainings in different institutes across Sindh to empower the youth as well. And that is just the tip of the ice-berg!


Personal Development Training
Self-Exploration and Emotional Management