Corporate Consultant


If you have heard my name before, I think you already would know my purpose. I exist to empower, educate and elevate individuals so they may have access to a better quality of life. I believe that success is within grasp of every individual, they just need to realize this concept. Knowledge is my passion and when I share my passion with people – nothing can come close to that!


16 years I have been in the field of training and development. Being a Corporate/selfhelp trainer, professional speaker and writer while serving the education field, I have conducted a variety of training classes for beginners and students of advanced levels. On top of that, I have created 100s of video lectures on the social issues and personality development, wrote 3 books and hosted a successful radio program which consisted of interviews with people who are considered role models for the youth. I have trained thousands corporate personnel and have been featured on numerous talk shows as well! All in the name of sharing my passion.


Personal Development Training
Leadership Training
Management Training