1. Breaking the shackles of dogmas: Before one is open to new information, it is necessary to emancipate the individual from the ancient and out dated standards so they may accept the information openly and be motivated to learn.

2. Understanding how the modern student learns and what are their needs: The generation of today have different needs and therefore it becomes quite a challenge to identify them. Knowing how the modern student operates if one way of effectively understanding them.

3. Application of modern teaching techniques and resources: Being able to add value to lessons through modern teaching resources not only keeps the lesson interactive but the instructor well informed and up to date as well.

4. Effective lesson planning: Being able to come up with an impactful curriculum is a sure way of transferring this training session into a practical example.

5. Classroom management skills: Discipline is also an integral part of the learning process but a few are able to manage the environment of the classrooms created by students.

6. Evaluation of the module: Wanting to know the outcome of this module objectively will let you identify your own progress as well as areas of improvement.