1. Understanding different parenting styles: Psychologists have figured out numerous parenting styles each advantageous in different scenarios. Having knowledge regarding different parental skills will allow you to practice your parenting with more flexibility.

2. Managing Parental Stress: Stress can be paralyzing, knowing how to manage stress adequately not only aids you in your parenting but rewards you personally as well.

3. Understanding and communicating with your child: Kids nowadays just do not seem to listen. This arises mainly due to the fact that parents have a hard time understanding what the child actually wants. Knowing how to get through to your child is crucial in order to foster trust.

4. Inculcating positive self-esteem in the child: How your child views themselves is essential. Fostering positive self-esteem will lead to your child developing a positive self-image. Unconditional positive regard is the key to just doing that.

5. Exploring punishment and reinforcements: Correcting bad habits through punishment is not the only option available. There are other approaches according to psychology.