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Life is a journey where human strives towards awareness. It is a search of reality I believe, it surely does not have an end but same is the case with human ability to search for more. As a search ends or gets into the reflection phase, we try to express it to the world or to us in a way that is most convenient to us. We might write literature, do poetry, dance, sketch, paint, sing, imply emotions through attitude or use different ways to express what we fell and realize because me, you and all the people around are Unique, Special, and deep in their own way. Poetry and Training, for me, is my Expression, my art, my Forte!!


I have been in the training industry for the past 2 years and I have been mostly involved in training in Africa with various corporate firms. My experience ranges greatly from making people understand their true potential to creative thinking and search engine optimization training.


Search Engine Optimization Training
Digital Marketing Training
Creative Thinking Training