Karachi Leadership Confluence aims to bring together elements of Leadership, corporate
networking, corporate social responsibility, and personality development in a unique venture.

Leadership Skill set and Personality Development

The What’s:

Long Term Objective:

Confident, Competitive Individuals Capable of Making Informed Career Choices

Short Term Objective:

It includes major leadership and team building sessions, few of the highlights are:

• An ice breaking session
• Provide personality development, i.e. produce some realistic improvement (momentary, or long term) in the personalities of the participants
• Include audio and visual support in the sessions conducted for greater participant facilitation
• Include targeted confidence building activities
• Not leave a single participant/team hidden in the comfort of their group’s walls or the back seats

The How’s:

Learning about leadership use in professional life, corporate survival from successful individuals from different walks of life. People who not just survived, but thrived

Development of Interpersonal Skills and Team Building:

The What’s:

Long Term Objective:

Establish an improvement in the interpersonal and team building skills of the participants

Short Term Objective:

Day 2 should help participants understand “Fun is Working Together and Rigor is often Fulfillment”.
It should help:

• From Groups to Teams Create real teams out of the groups participants register in
• Establish Trust and Participate decision making through stressing the importance of interpersonal skills and team work
• Alignment of Strengths towards a team goal to create an understanding of the strength that diverse skill sets can present when people come together to work in groups
• Bonding by making people come together by facing challenging tasks

By posing situations of possible conflicts; and allowing participants to see how when their individual competencies are used together they are able to achieve the best results even out of unfavorable circumstances.