1. Knowing why goals are necessary: A lot of times people do not set up goals because they have not been sold on the idea of why gals are necessary, knowing how not setting goals can be devastating will surely make you starting thinking about your goals.

2. Principles of effective goal setting: Most would argue that despite setting up goals, they managed to do very little of nothing at all. That is because setting effective goals is not as easy it might seem. Knowing how to set up effective goals will save you from the hassle.

3. Using different models such as R.I.S.K , S.M.A.R.T.S and S.M2.A.R.T to plan effectively: Different models for goal settings have come up in the recent years. One size certainly does not fit all! We would explore these models in details so that you may choose the best one accustomed to you.

4. Learning how to evaluate and monitor ones progress: Monitoring and evaluation is one of the overlooked yet vital part of goal setting. Knowing how to reorganize your priorities during shifting times will make you flexible enough to endure any unplanned obstacles towards your goal.

5. Increasing productivity each day: Each day you waste away is a day you get further away from your goal. Knowing how to take full advantage of the day is the key to accomplishing long term goals.