In the modern world, successful financial tycoons have mostly been entrepreneurs and it is natural for anyone therefore to be an aspiring entrepreneur themselves. However with little or no guidance their startups never seem to flourish and what could have been a revolutionary company gets forced out of the race of endurance early on. This session is specifically designed for the youth who are keen and passionate to start their own venture utilizing financial and business strategies as well as basic branding and marketing techniques so they may be well equipped to whether the storm of today’s cutthroat market.


1. Being able to have a competitive edge in the market early on
2. Careful utilization of resources to ensure maximum output from minimum input
3. Being able to launch a venture on a sound business model
4. Networking with successful entrepreneurs
5. Being able to utilize digital marketing effectively


1. Exploring entrepreneurship: Giving the participants the idea what exactly is entrepreneurship and what are its fundamental principles.

2. Understanding successful business models: Every business needs a successful model to frame it. Understanding the very nature of it would allow the participants to create their own.

3. Strategist marketing and branding: Today’s market is all about marketing and branding but without an effective strategy, your business could go unnoticed.

4. Effective utilization of limited financial resources to generate profitable outcomes: Entrepreneurs are general known to start from little or scratch and build profitable empires. The key to that is resourcefulness. Knowing how to utilize your limited resources is one of the ways to reduce costs and maximizing profit without compromising on quality.

5. Networking to generate future business prospects: Networking is the centerpiece of most businesses today. Therefore being able to network properly not only gains you future business prospects but much needed business exposure as well.