Being able to identify and navigate successfully through ones emotion is a skill that few have but many must have. Being aware of your emotions and being able to control them is essential as whether one may be aware or not, emotions can have the power to influence a person’s thought, behavior as well as decision making capabilities. Most of the times we get so involved in rationality that we create a wedge between us and our emotions that can have detrimental effects later on in life. This program is specifically designed for the youth to understand the various emotions they experience, being able to manage them and utilize them for effective decision making as well as appreciating each emotion as they come.


The individual would benefit from this program by being mindful of their emotions as well as identifying triggers that cause these emotions. Moreover they would have the vocabulary to express themselves effectively and learn to manage their emotion for effective decision making as well.


1. Identifying emotions and their triggers: Knowing what triggers those unwanted emotions is the first step to managing them. Allowing yourself to explore yourself and identify triggers will be crucial for anyone trying to overcome them.

2. Exploring the functions of each emotions: Although we all want happiness but each emotion serves a function and knowing about each emotions’ function will allow a greater acceptance towards them.

3. Learning to express oneself effectively: Emotions not expressed tend to get bottled up inside which can lead to neurosis. Exploring and practicing ways in which you can express emotions effectively will not only increase your personal health but the quality of your relationships as well

4. Managing difficult emotions: Emotions cannot be eliminated but can be managed. Knowing how to do that will make you come to terms with your emotions that normally make you lose it all!