1. Dealing with difficult situations and students: Dealing with students can be a challenge on its own. Some students require lot more effort to manage. Learning how to get through to them using effective techniques makes the task easier and engaging.

2. Negative and positive punishment and reinforcements: Shaping a student’s behavior can be done without punishment. Contrary to popular belief punishment as well as rewards can be of more than one type, each having its uses in different situations.

3. Repairing damaged relationships between teachers and students: Student – Teacher relationships are difficult to build but more difficult to repair if damaged. Damaged student-teacher relationship can affect the child’s learning as well as classroom behavior. Therefore it is essential to get the relationship back on track as soon as possible if derailed.

4. How to make students take you seriously: Most of the times, fresh teachers tend to be lenient on students which could backfire horribly. If students are given too much leniency, they might not value the subject or take the teacher seriously. Finding a balance is vital for effective learning.