1. Understanding how to measure creativity: Knowing how creative you currently are will help you understand your baseline in order to monitor your progress

2. Exploring easy to use methods to channelize and enhance creativity: Easy activities that could be practiced daily will multiply its effects daily overtime. The key word is easy, which would allow you to practice these activities despite your busy schedule.

3. Practical implication of creativity in everyday life: Being able to apply creativity in daily activities is a sign of intelligence. Knowing how to exercise creativity in real life situations is essential for transfer of learning to take place.

4. Making sense out of the unknown: Understanding that everything is connected to everything will help you understand what others often fail to see. Knowing to make sense to make sense of the unknown will allows you to expand your circle of knowledge which is vital for innovation to occur.

5. Creativity and humor: Humor can be used to diffuse any difficult situation into an easy one. Knowing how to creatively apply humor will add a whole new dimension to your personality.

6. Creativity in solving problems: Often at times we fail to step out of our comfort zone and stick to the principles. We often forget that those who came up with revolutionary concepts challenged those rules that were assumed to be right. Knowing to think outside the box will surely allow you to reap the rewards of your creative mental labor.